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Glamorous  eyelash extensions are fit to flaunt. Custom made applications takes your eye enhancement experience from a dream to a design destination. This service includes the coverage of each individual eyelash hair using synthetic silk fibers to accentuate the nature beauty and contour of the eye. Length, thickness and curl all vary depending on desired appearance. Eyelash styles are determined during consultation at appointment. 

Extensions are great for wedding, date night, girl’s night out, work, and special occasions and the best part is that your extensions are here to stay long after the event is over. Extension last the full life cycle of your natural hair (14 to 24 day). With endless styles to choose from it will be easy to tailor your eyelashes specifically to your eye structure, personality and life style. Eyelash extensions shorten the morning ritual of applying mascara, curling mascara, applying again, wiping off the smudges... you all know what I'm talking about. Longer, shorter, thicker, natural, curl...if you have an idea of what you want, I can create it. 

 Traditional Synthetic Fiber Full Set 

$110  90 min 

Fill $45

 Silk Mink Full set $130 90 min

lash fill $60

 Silk Mink Volume $150 90 min$80

lash fill $75

Life is Short

Your lashes      should't be

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